We're on a mission to create sustainable economic growth in our communities through the development of small businesses.

We believe that by investing early in sound product marketing strategy and marketing infrastructure, we can help ameliorate the 90% failure rate of startups and small businesses.

According to a CB Insights report that analyzed 101 essays from founders who had failed startups,

“The number-one reason for failure, cited by 42% of polled startups, is the lack of a market need for their product.
That should be self-evident. If no one wants your product, your company isn’t going to succeed. But many startups build things people don’t want with the irrational hope that they’ll convince them otherwise.”

Product marketers have the skill sets to determine market need and to help build, price and distribute products accordingly. 

The latest data from the Small Business Administration reveals small businesses account for about 45% of total GDP in the US. We believe that by making a product marketer your first executive hire and setting a sound foundation for strategic business growth, we would make a significant impact in the economic health of our local communities.

Elizabeth Brigham, Principal & Founder

I live by the Atticus Finch principle - "You never know someone until you've walked around in his skin." Empathy is everything in building businesses.

I'm passionate about helping my partners create elegant solutions for urgent pains for their target audiences and taking them to market. I relish attacking intractable challenges that others are reticent to take on. With each new adventure, I drive strong business results through an entrepreneurial spirit balanced with data-driven insights. 


Experience & Specialities



  • Product Marketing & Marketing Execution:
    • Go-to-market strategy,
    • Digital marketing strategy & programs 
    • Marketing planning,
    • Marketing partnerships,
    • Growth strategy & execution,
    • Demand and lead generation,
    • SEO, SEM,
    • Buyer's/customer's journey,
    • Integrated marketing,
    • Content marketing,
    • Social Marketing,
    • Media briefings,
    • Vendor and agency management,
    • Analyst relations,
    • Marketing analytics and operations,
    • Market research,
    • Sales enablement
  • Product Management:
    • Agile software development,
    • Certified Scrum Master,
    • Certified Scrum Product Owner,
    • Web & Mobile product development,
    • E-commerce strategy
  • Leadership and Operations
    • Team development,
    • Coaching and mentoring,
    • Internal consulting/negotiation,
    • Managing cross-functional and virtual/remote teams,
    • Executive staff,
    • Creating and managing budgets


Extra-curriculars and Fun

  • Wife, Mom of two toddlers, sister, daughter, friend
  • Davidson College Alumni Board Decade Representative
  • Live music lover; have seen over 500 concerts around the world
  • Tennis player, writer, photographer (mostly of my children these days)
  • Historic relic - served as a US House of Representatives Page